Since 1977, Montreal-based Kitco has been a trusted retailer of precious metals, delivering a range of products and services to a global network of investors, wholesalers, corporate and institutional buyers, who rely on Kitco for impeccable service and exceptional customer experience.


Kitco is the global precious metals authority and retailer of bullion products, recognized as the leading voice in commodities information providing best-in-class news, data and insights.

Kitco.com is visited daily by millions of people around the world. Kitco was the first precious metals company to provide investors with real-time market information, news, analysis and online precious metals services.

Kitco’s media division is a precious metals, commodities and mining global authority, generating and distributing cutting-edge news, market insights and data to a global audience. The Kitco brand resonates globally and our information is consumed by millions on our web assets, applications and social media channels.    


As a precious metals investor, the need to securely store your assets is a priority. With the Kitco allocated storage program, you can be confident that your wealth and privacy are protected. We offer global options for gold, silver and platinum bullion storage that is fully segregated and allocated as your property at all times. With the option to store your precious metals in Canada (including storage at the Royal Canadian Mint, a Crown Corporation), in our facilities in Hong Kong, or at a COMEX approved depository in the US, Kitco offers you a high level of flexibility and security with our network of top-tier vaults.


We offer investment integration with IRA/RSP accounts, giving customers the option to buy precious metals and invest it their retirement account, a safe holding account exempt from taxes. Through our long-standing relationships with RRSP and IRA investment companies, Kitco helps investors make the most of their retirement savings with flexible, personalized investment options.


Kitco VaultChain™ allows you to digitally buy and sell physical gold and silver. Your holdings are held at the Royal Canadian Mint, and the transaction is completed using a blockchain distributed ledger for data accuracy, real time tracking and auditability. Combining the latest technology with old-school trading, VaultChain™ is an easy way to build your precious metals holdings while taking advantage of the security offered by next generation digital solutions.

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