JZH Semi-Hollow Guitar

JZK Semi-Hollow Guitar

New JZH Semi-Hollow body Guitar made of spruce top and zebrawood. Complete with Gold Accessories. Jarrell guitars are handmade with the finest tone-woods, Bridges, Machine Heads, and pickups so that your sound is as good as it can be. These modern classics embody years of painstaking design, experimentation and refinement into a focused group of guitars ready to rock. Our guitars have been used and are owned by musicians such as Prince, Mick Jagger & Ronnie Wood, to name a few. Jarrell Guitars are also available to ship to the US. 1 available subject to precious sale. Hardshell case also available at 100% trade. Tax: 13.0% trade 

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Contact Person: Emma Talbot
Email:  emmatalbot@telus.net
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