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Gluten free chocolate cake for birthdays and holidays

Gateau O Chocolat was born from many decades of Chef Roux perfecting his signature French flour-less chocolate, gluten free cake in several of his restaurants in the St. Petersburg, Florida area. When friends and restaurant regulars began requesting his gluten free chocolate cake for birthdays, holidays and special events, Chef Roux decided it was time to let the rest of the world experience what has been coined as “heaven’s chocolate cake.”

Can be shipped anywhere! The cakes are shipped frozen and will last several days without refrigeration. If within USA delivered in 48 to 72 hrs. priority mail. Avoid shipping out on Thursday or Friday to insure 3 day delivery. Shipped in an elegant gift wrapped insulated package. Visit www.gateauochocolat.com to view more details.

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Contact Person: Sandra Wright
Email:  sandraw@lode.one
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