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Assemble furniture, mount TV's, small home repair

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I have extensive experience fixing and building all kinds of things, from computers to furniture, electrical work, some small appliance repair, and generally solving problems.

I am available for limited size home repair projects, IKEA type furniture assembly, and some repair. I can also mount TV's connect electronics etc. I am experienced in small electrical and carpentry projects, computer repair and set up, fixing holes in walls, drywall repair and small project painting.

Let me install your ceiling fans, curtain rods, fix a drip, fix up your closet or replace your lightbulbs.

I am NOT available for moving, yard work, heavy lifting, packing, cleaning or anything involving a ladder over 6ft.

Contact Details:
Company Name : Kevin Turner
Email:    kturner@gmx.com
Phone:    9199619647
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